Covet: Effloresce

Covet is an instrumental prog rock band from California featuring guitar virtuoso Yvette Young at the helm of the project along with bassist David Adamiak and drummer Forrest Rice. On July 13th, Covet released their debut album, Effloresce, with Triple Crown Records on vinyl, cd and digital.

I first discovered Yvette Young just scrolling through videos on facebook one day and was instantly hooked on her style of playing, so needless to say I was thrilled to see she was releasing an album with her band.

At the end of May, Covet released their video for the opening track of the album, “Shibuya” featuring San Holo. Shortly before the release of the video, Young had been posting pictures of the band in green body suits on her official instagram page, leaving fans to speculate what the heck they were doing, and the end result was simply mesmerizing.

Effloresce is a very mellow album, and with only six tracks, it’s very easy to listen to it over and over again in its entirety. The band works together perfectly, giving the album a very unified feeling to it without one artist overpowering the others.

The album’s final two songs “Falkor” and “Howl” are definitely the strongest tracks, showing the height of the trio’s individual talents. These tracks are so dynamic and interesting, taking you on a audio adventure that will leave you craving more from this awesome band.

Overall Effloresce is a masterpiece of math rock, if you’re into bands like Animals as Leaders or Polyphia, you’ll love Covet. I personally pre-ordered Effloresce on vinyl, and if you love quality music i would encourage you to pick up a copy here while they’re still available. The vinyl just produces a much richer sound and lets you hear more of the album, which is especially important with music as vibrant as Covet’s.

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