Meet Hobo Johnson

The other day i stumbled upon a video on YouTube that upon first glance I honestly thought was going to be another mumble rapper from soundcloud; however I was pleasantly surprised by a hip hop artist who was spitting poetry with such raw emotion that it had me hooked instantly.

His name is Frank Lopes, better known by his emcee name: Hobo Johnson.

Here is that video:

Part of the reason I dig this guy so much is how awkward and chill he is at the same time. He can confidently tells the audience about all his flaws and shortcomings. His debut album, The Rise of Hobo Johnson is an interesting mix of sad love ballads and hilarious word play. One minute he takes himself completely seriously and the next not at all.

In his song “Demarcus cousins and ashley” he has a line that goes: I love you like my dad loves my mom, before they realized they don’t love each other at all. Hobo Johnson seems to reference his parents’ divorce any time the subject of love appears in his songs.

I think that’s a large part of his appeal, he pours his heart and soul into his music like a form of therapy. On the last track of his album, The Rise of Hobo Johnson, he says the music is like his medicine and he hopes it will be that for other people as well. He’s not afraid to tell you how lonely he is.

I enjoy the fact that he doesn’t try to build up a false representation of himself. Throughout his album he admits to being a weird looking guy, losing all of his friends due to his actions, drinking and doing drugs and overall just being unable to maintain any sort of romantic relationship due to his character flaws. However he also seems very hopeful at times that his life will change for the better and it will be worth it one day.

He is thoroughly authentic and relatable. We have all had our hearts broken and had to deal with the wide range of emotions that comes along with that; anger, anxiety, depression and self doubt. Frank is honest about how he feels but is able to joke about it too, which helps him overcome all of the pain and turn it into art.

You can find Hobo Johnson on YouTube and Spotify.

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