Meet Superorganism

Superorganism is an 8-piece indie pop band that formed in early 2017,and last friday they released their self-titled debut album, 10 tracks of psychedelic good vibes, juicy electronic tunes, and simple but insightful lyrics.

Lead singer Orono Noguchi discovered a band called the Eversons via her Youtube recommendations in 2015. The Eversons consisted of Christopher Young, Mark Turner, Tim Shann, and Blair Everson. Orono met up with the band during a trip to her home country of Japan and they quickly bonded over their love of internet memes.

After discovering Orono’s ability to sing, the Eversons asked her to add lyrics to one of their demos, this became Superorganism’s first single, “Something for your M.I.N.D.”

Later, New Zealanders Ruby and B, would join Superorganism as back-up vocalists, leading the band to relocate to London to create music and live together in 24-hour studio. Only one member, Soul, lives else where in Austrailia.

The formation of the band really shows how the internet can be an infinitely useful tool in meeting like-minded musicians, and creating something awesome with people from all around the globe.

Their music videos very much embody the aesthetic of the vaporwave scene, basically mixing the feel of a videogame and an acid trip, it doesn’t make a bit of sense, but it’s oddly beautiful.

The album reminds me of something from Beck or the Flaming Lips, but Orono’s laidback female vocals take it to another place entirely.

The band really lives up to their name, with all 8 members working in perfect harmony to produce a crazy mix of vocals, instruments, electronic melodies and sound effects such as running water, or birds chirping that emerge the listener in a hybrid world somewhere between reality and a virtual wonderland.

You can find Superorganism’s debut album on Spotify.

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