Welcome to the world of GALAKTIKON


Brendon Smalls is best known for his animated television shows, Home Movies and Metalocalypse. As the creator of the virtual metal band, Dethklok, it may come as no surprise that Smalls has another music project full of heavy riffs, roaring vocals and lyrics that bring the listener into his brutal fantasy world.

While waiting to begin work on the second Dethklok album, smalls grew impatient with one of the producers and decided to just use his own money to create something new. In 2012, Brendon Smalls, along with Dethklok band members Gene Hoglan and Bryan Beller, came up with Galaktikon, a “high stakes, intergalactic, extreme rock album.”

Galaktikon is comprised of the same members of Dethklok, however the project allows the musicians to have a little more creative freedom with the tone of the album, Smalls especially wanted to have more melodic vocals than the death growls of Dethklok’s virtual frontman, Nathan Explosion.

In 2012, Smalls told blabbermouth.net, “This album should be thought of as an audio comic book, an over acted chamber drama, a ridiculous premise that takes itself way too seriously all the way to the end.” In august of 2017, smalls released Galaktikon II.

Now, thanks to FunnyorDie.com, Small’s high stake intergalactic extreme rock album has come to life as a high stakes, live action, intergalactic metal short film featuring the song “Nightmare” from Galaktikon II.

You can hear the rest of Brendon Small’s Galaktikon on Spotify.

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