Meet Roast Dog


From time to time we all ask ourselves, “What are the Metal heads in Latvia up to?” At least that’s what you should be asking, how else would you discover the amazing talent of bands like Roast Dog?

Roast dog is the brain child of Mārtiņš Ķeire, a shredder from Riga, Latvia. featuring drums by Dainis Paškēvičs.

You can find his 5-song LP, Random Rants of Repressed Relevance, on Bandcamp. The album was produced before Dainis joined the project and features MIDI drum beats instead, however it still packs a punch.

The album begins with a Nintendo core tune called “Luigi Has Always Been Cooler.” Not only does the song have an accurate title, but it makes you feel like you’re in a hardcore version of Luigi’s Mansion using 8 bit synths, fast guitar licks and sound effects from the Super Mario Brothers game for the SNES.

One of my favorite songs from the album is titled “That Little Kid Might Mug You One Day”, which has a nice Neo-classical feel to it reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteem’s style.

What i like most about Random Rants of Repressed Relevance is that every song draws from different metal genres and has its own unique feel to it, rather than being strictly Djent, Neo-classical or Nintendo-core, Roast Dog displays a deep appreciation for the metal world as a whole and implements a wide range techniques in his shredding.

I am definitely excited to see what comes next from the band as they build on their sound and progess even further in their technical skills.

You can follow Roast Dog on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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