Lately I find myself searching for music that is raw, chaotic and different, something that can be hard to do in a world where the overproduced and artificial is celebrated so highly. So when I discovered Russian Prog band, Puzzlewood, I was instantly impressed.

Their debut album, Gates of Loki, flows together very nicely, each song building upon the last as if part of an epic tale, but able to stand on its own as well.

From the use of ethnically diverse instruments, to singing in russian, Puzzlewood covers alot of ground while staying true to their unique style.

It has many elements that the great rock band’s of the past, like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, would use in addition to their own unique Russian flavor. By adding Bouzouki and Arabic Oud, along with flute, violin and various percussion instruments the band brings this album to level above your typical rock band.

Anton Legatov, vocalist and guitarist for the band, displays a high level of artistry in each song, through skillful guitar playing and his unique vocal style.

My two favorite songs from the album , “Tyrant who fall in love” and the final song, “Road Will Lead” showcase Legatov’s amazing vocals, utilizing a very jazzy style which I just cant get enough of, as well as his ability to absolutely shred on the guitar.

“Tyrant who fall in love” is so diverse from beginning to end, at points resembling the sound of Tool and the voice of Bono, as well as virtuoso level guitar playing and to top it off Legatov even begins to scat like a beebop artists. It’s a roller coaster of a song, placed in the middle of the album which was a nice way to tie the whole album together.

I encourage you to give this band a listen on their Bandcamp, and if you have the time listen to the album in it’s entirety, it’s a journey you won’t regret taking, and for a mere seven dollars you can own a higher quality recording of Gates of Loki.

Check out the awesomely dark music video for “Obsessed.”

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