Hyvmine bursts onto the scene with EARTHQUAKE

Hyvmine is a fresh new band making seismic waves in the metal world.

I discovered Hyvmine thanks to the Ibanez instagram page which posted about the band’s debut album. I had some free time so i decided to check out their music on spotify.

If you enjoy screaming guitars and heavy bass then Hyvmine will not disappoint. Their music is so full of energy and power, and the vocals match the intensity pound for pound.

Lead vocalist/Guitarist Al Joseph stated on their facebook page that his goal is to “make fucking noise and shake people up.” Earthquake definitely had me shook.

Both Al Joseph and fellow guitarist Alon Mei-tal cite guitar legend Joe Satriani as the main influence that made them commit to playing guitar, and with their shredding skills it definitely shows.

Check out the video for “Shogun”

Hyvmine have instantly become a new favorite of mine, im excited to see where this band goes and can’t wait to hear more.

Go give them a like on facebook. At the time of writing this they are still under 900 likes and followers, thats how fresh this band is.

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