Meet The Chats

Australia has brought the world some amazing music acts, from ACDC to INXS, who have brought a mix of aussie attitude and flavor to the industry. The Chats are well on their way to joining those giant bands as their recent hit “Smoko” surpasses 1 million views on youtbe.

They have went viral, and for good reason.

In the modern age of justin beibers and beyonces, its refreshing to see band of three regular guys bringing a powerful sound to the stage. They were just a highschool “shed band” when they wrote their simple yet gripping tune about being on a smoke break.

Their music feels very much like the punk and hardcore bands of the 80s and 90s, fast paced and full of energy and attitude.

What’s amazing about their success is that they have been a band for less than two years but are already gaining a cult following, including myself.

In an interview with the australian Sunshine Coast Daily, lead singer and bassist Eamon Sandwith said he heard someone say they were on smoko, and went home and wrote the whole song, which he claimed to be pretty easy. Sandwith notes that their teachers hated them and their songs at first, but later hopped on board.

The band plans to tour from the coast to Melbourne to see where it takes them, but if youtube is any indication, they’ll be blowing up very quickly.

You can listen to The Chats ep Get this in ya on their BandCamp.

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