Jack White returns with 2 new singles.

Jack White released a couple of singles from his upcoming album, Boarding House Reach, due some time in 2018. White is known for his distinct style that combines elements from genres like folk and electric and every thing in between.

His single, Connected by Love, stays true to the style that he has developed throughout his solo career. The song sounds much like an apology or a plea to remind a lover that although mistakes have been made, their love connection is stronger than those mistakes.

The single features duelling solos between an electric organ and guitar, followed by a gentle acoustic guitar melody and my favorite line “what have i done, i have pushed away everyone. Help me forget, let’s put it all to bed.” The song then builds back up with female back up vocals.

I was unsure of this new song as I listened to it for the first time, along with the somewhat bizarre music video, but its growing on me and has made me very excited for what Jack White has in store for Boarding House Reach.

The second single he released is titled Respect Commander, which features heavy bass and a high pitched whine of feedback combined with electric samples and bluesy guitar riffs.
It almost seems like White had a little help from a EDM producer on this one, but either way it is definitely groovy and different. I was under the impression that it was going to be an instrumental tune until his vocals come in shortly after the 2 minute mark, at which point it reminded me of a Led Zeppelin song.

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