After listening to this band for over a decade, you would think i would stop being surprised by them, but you would be wrong.

Prior to the release of Oczy Mlody, most music produced by the Flaming Lips in recent years has been very loud, dissonant and in your face with its weirdness, but Oczy Mlody is much more mellow.

The Lips seem to have made a concious decision to bring simplicity to their music. Instead of ear piercing effects and dissonant noise polluting their sound, they have toned it down, opting for more bass than treble and the effects they use are more harmonious  this time around.

This album displays less diversity among tracks as previous albums. Most songs on this album give a feeling of desperation and somberness, sprinkled with a few songs of hope, but none that convey a joyous tone. Wayne Coyne’s raspy vocal definitely add to the desperate tone of the album, especially on the track, “How??”, in which Coyne expressws a desire to tell someone something that may devistate them, but he doesn’t know how.

I personally enjoyed the change of pace that this album took, the Lips really needed an album like this to remind fans of their true artistic ability, minus the fluff of loud sound effects and an insane amount of features like on the Heady Fwends album.

Although they toned down their sound, the lyrics are just as weird as ever. Some songs are about human emotions, while others are about Unicorns and Frogs with demon eyes. Seriously there is a song about unicorns that ends with a deep voice giving a monologue about unicorns, cops and drugs.

If youre a fan of the Flaming Lips, or just looking for something unique to listen to, Oczy Mlody is a great album to chill with.
Here is one of the more hopeful songs, Sunrise.

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