The Dropkick murphys latest album dropped January 6th, accurately titled 11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory. This album is upbeat, fast pace, in your face, and was an excellent companion to a glass of whiskey.

The album features a wide array of instruments, from bagpipes to flutes, that create that celtic sound which makes the band stand out in the modern music scene. The group choruses found  in most of the songs give more power to their uplifting message 

I enjoyed the song “First Class Loser”, a humorous ballad about the worst person you know, which had an old  country western tone to it.

“4/15/2013” pays tribute to unity of the people of boston after the tragic marathon bombing, saying “We’re all just people tryin’ to get along We’re all just peole tryon’ to make our way.”

The Dropkick Murphys do an excellent job of blending genres such as celtic, punk, rockabilly and folk, giving the album a very diverse sound.

The album ends with the inspiring song, Until the Next Time, where the band sings of the end of an epic journey and a bitter sweet goodbye.

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