Album Review: Run the Jewels 3

Run the jewels is a rap group formed by El-P and Killer Mike.

This album has a nice and dirty feel to it. This is the kind of album that you would rob a bank to or, you know, drive around safely in your car, whatever suits you.  Heavy bass and dissonant melodies give this album an ominous tone. El-P and Killer Mike’s vocal styles complement each other well and are reminiscent of two thugs making demands, because that’s exactly what it is. El-P’s bars are often vulgar and humorous, while Killer Mike’s lyrics attack like a Panther, fast and precise.

My only issue with this album would be its lack of variety, although I like each song individually, too many of them sound the same. If you’re like me and will sit and listen to entire albums, this can make it seem very repetitive.

Personally my favorite tracks would be Down (feat. Joi) and A Report to the Shareholders/ Kill your master, which features Zach de La Rocha of RATM fame. Literally the First and last songs of the album.

Overall, if you like hard and angry rap, you should by this album.

Run the Jewels will be performing at Marathon Music Works in Nashville January 17.

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